Great one-offs – Paris St-Germain, 1996

For their trip to face Olympique Lyonnais in October 1996, Paris St-Germain were faced with a conundrum.

While the clubs’ home kits had been fine against each other in 1995-96, Lyon’s new shirt featured blue sleeves as well as the classic red and blue vertical bands (a look PSG had themselves employed in the 1980s).

A change was called for, but PSG’s away shirt was a blue version of the home, resembling the Ajax look, so obviously that wasn’t an option.

The solution was to come up with a new third  shirt, and Nike provided them with re-badged 1994-96 Arsenal shirts (with a changed fabric pattern), worn with the home shorts and socks.


The game finished 1-1, with PSG going on to finish second while Lyon came eighth and the emergency shirts weren’t required again.

European Cup Winners’ Cup holders from the previous year, PSG made it back to the final, where they faced Barcelona with both sides in change kits. Like so many others before them, though, they couldn’t retain the now-defunct competition, losing 1-0.

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  1. Marco

    Can anybody tell me what was the patch the PSG jerseys had on the left sleeve just on top of the PSG writing? I know the right one was the league patch.
    I have a PSG 1997 jersey and I’m trying to recreate the exact replica.
    Also, does anybody know where I can find the number 9 and the lettering that will match Marco Simone’s jersey for season 1997? I tried everywhere but can’t find something close.

    Great Site!


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