1970 World Cup kit-tracker – knockout stages

  • Tomorrow, we will publish a post featuring all of the kits worn at the tournament, before starting the 1990 World Cup kit-tracker next week.


Uruguay 1 USSR 0 (aet)


No changes for either side from their defaults.

Italy 4 Mexico 1


Once again, Mexico ‘did an Arsenal’ before the concept properly existed – changing full kit when only a shorts-clash had to be dealt with. Goalkeeper Ignacio Calderón wore white-topped socks.

Peru 2 Brazil 4


Another outing for Brazil’s grey socks, with Félix wearing the shirt with the bigger script. his opposite number Luis Rubiños switched from yellow to dark blue so as not to clash with Brazil.

West Germany 3 England 2 (aet)


After the complaints over the pale blue shirts, England reverted to red with stand-in goalkeeper Peter Bonetti wearing what was their fifth different netminder kit combination. England led 2-0 before the Germans fought back.


Brazil 3 Uruguay 1


Whereas referee José María Ortiz de Mendíbil had worn a modern-looking sweater in officiating for the West Germany v Bulgaria group game, here he went with a more classic blazer and shirt.

Italy 4 West Germany 3 (aet)


Whereas Ortiz de Mendíbil wore two different outfits, this was the only game in the tournament that Arturo Yamasaki took charge of – every other ref in the knockout stage had done a group match too.

This was widely regarded as one of the best games of all-time, with Karl-Heinz Schnellinger of Germany making it 1-1 in the 90th minute before five more goals in extra time, Gianni Rivera getting the winner for Italy.

Third-place play-off

Uruguay 0 West Germany 1


West Germany wore their away shorts while Horst Wolter, given a game in goal instead of Maier, used the standard-issue Umbro shirt and the same shorts and socks as his team-mates.


Brazil 4 Italy 1


One of the greatest teams of all-time produced one its best performances, with goals from Pelé, Gérson, Jairzinho and Carloz Alberto. Goalkeeper Félix reverted to the shirt he had worn in the group stage.

This is the only basic kit match-up to have appeared in two World Cup finals, with the countries also meeting in the 1994 decider, which Brazil won on penalties.


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