1990 World Cup kit-tracker – Group D

Colombia 2 UAE 0


Like Group B, Group D was an adidas clean-sweep – that, except for the fact that two goalkeepers wore Uhlsport shirts.

Muhsin Musabah of the United Arab Emirates wore the 653 model, which featured an abstract pattern. We must assume that the shirt had a number 1 on the back as Musabah’s 17 was applied as a patch, a red number on a white background. His shorts also had 1 on them but they weren’t modified.

His team-mates had a style which was also used by Poland and Bari in the same colourway, while France had a unique version with the three parallelograms on each side in a solid colour.

Colombia goalkeeper René Higuita wore two different grey shirts – this one was a design about two years old featuring a herringbone pattern. The outfield shirt took its cues from the West Germany style.

West Germany 4 Yugoslavia 1


Like Musabah, Yugoslavia goalkeeper Tomislav Ivković had an Uhlsport shirt, the 649, but his featured an adidas trefoil and crest as after-market additions.

The Yugoslavia kit itself was a rare template, also seen on a River Plate change shirt but few other places. West Germany’s has passed into legend, of course. They featured an ‘Italia 90’ inscription – in the same font as the official tournament logo – in the white ‘diamond’ just below the crest.

German goalkeeper Bodo Illgner is the goalkeeper most associated with the adidas Taifun design, for our money.

Colombia 0 Yugoslavia 1


Yugoslavia changed to white due to an overall clash, while Tomislav Ivković wore a silver Uhlsport 543 shirt, again with a trefoil.

His opposite number Higuita had an interesting style – ever-imaginative, we call it the ‘Space Invaders‘ shirt.

West Germany 5 UAE 1


The UAE change kit was a simple reversal of their white strip, but Musabah was still allowed to wear white socks as West Germany secured their place in the knockout stage.

Something we’ve noticed in putting this together is that no sock logos were permitted at the tournament.

Colombia 1 West Germany 1


A draw was enough for Colombia to advance in third place. This time, they wore red socks, even though yellow v white had been fine against the UAE.

Bodo Illgner wore an interesting shirt with an arrow motif and extra shoulder lining which made it look more bulky.

Yugoslavia 4 UAE 1


Yugoslavia secured second place with this win, which saw both teams in adidas but both goalkeepers in Uhlsport.


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    1. denishurley Post author

      Only something I spotted by accident! Costa Rica broke that rule in the group stages but fixed it for knockout.

  1. Ciaran


    I have a question about the Colombia kit if anyone can help. I read that this Yugoslavia kit was never made available for commercial sale. Does anyone know if this is also the case for the Colombia shirt? Or are there Colombia Italia 90 kits out there? I would love to find one for sale. (I know that there were remakes produced for both kits, but i’m more interested in the originals).

    Thanks for any help!


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