14 thoughts on “1990 World Cup – all of the kits worn

  1. Amazing that England and Italy played the maximum 7 games with one set of kits! Italy were home so understandable but England…

    1. Funnily enough, it was the second consecutive World Cup where England didn’t have to wear a change shirt!

      1. Not really true, England wore Sky blue shorts and socks against Argentina in 1986 instead of the customary dark blue shorts and white socks

  2. Interesting that Scotland goalkeeper Jim Leighton wore the home goalkeeper kit against Costa Rica, ostensibly because the away goalkeeper kit had a red base with sleeves that would have clashed with Costa Rica’s red shirts, however also wore the same goalkeeper kit against Sweden and Brazil when the yellow base colour was a clash with the yellow opponent’s shirts not to mention the blue shorts.

      1. Ah, yes you are right I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Thanks for the link, an interesting story!

      2. And on the theme of teams not changing their shirts.. OK we didn’t get past the 1st round but Scotland didn’t have to change shirts for 9 consecutive games in 1978, 82 and 86 world cups, which is quite something for a team wearing blue. Uruguay changed for the final game in 86. Ironically Scotland changed for a team wearing red in 1990. Didn’t change in 6 games at Euro 1992 and 96 either, or in 2020(21). Only changed 3 times in 27 major tournament games between 1974 and the present – Ironically twice against teams wearing red Costa Rica (1990) and Norway (1998), plus Yugoslavia 1974. Not sure about the 1954 and 58 World Cups but they are best forgotten !

  3. No problem, I’m just glad somebody is reading the stuff – and I discovered that this piece needs editing to stop the kits showing up too large and pixelated

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