Fantasy Kit Friday – Liverpool adidas 2018

There’s always a bit of a backlog of FKF requests, which is a good thing as if nobody was suggesting anyting it would be a sign that it’s time to stop.

Perhaps it’s bad planning on our part, but a good percentage of the order sheet at the moment features Liverpool. Simon Treanor has an epic one that we’d hope to do before the season starts and there are others that can be tied in with specific fixtures.

Today’s deals with the most modern one:

He did follow that tweet by asking us for same – we haven’t started to do them unsolicited.

The natural way to go, in our mind, was the style used by Mexico at the World Cup just gone, especially as Liverpool themselves had the original style from 1993-95.

Mexico were with Umbro at the time and so didn’t have it, and we haven’t seen anyone with the rebooted style – let us know if there are any examples.

The white sock-tops in this one perhaps look out of place, but they were a feature of Liverpool’s first stint with adidas and so they feel right.


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