2 thoughts on “Another Rangers riddle – three European away games, three different kits

  1. First British side to compete in the Champions League proper, the European Super Cup and the final of the Cup-Winners’ Cup;

    Holders of the record for the biggest ever aggregate defeat in a European semi-final and biggest aggreagate quarter-final win (Achieved in successive seasons);

    Scorers of the first official Champions League goal on German soil – first winners to be banned from defending a European trophy:

    Celtic’s “first non-Latin side to win the European Cup” might roll off the tongue easier, but Rangers’ collection of continental records is far more interesting for being far more convoluted and often more unsavoury.

    Yes it is.

    So I’d beg the help of all MoJ readers in validating this latest Ibrox claim on Euro history.

    Before I write to Uefa, demanding they commemorate this unique feat with some sort of trophy presented to our legendary kit executive Jimmy Bell – (perhaps a miniature golden hamper set on a mahogany plinth studded with mother of pearl discarded jock straps) I want its veracity subjected to laboratory test conditions; i.e. can you all try really quite hard to remember if any other club has worn three totally different away kits in three straight European away ties … in the same season.

    Give it a good two, three minutes thought and let me know if you come up with anyone (Barcelona I’ll bet – they always ruin everything).

    I also want Rangers to wear their trad “European kit” in Ufa next Thursday: All-blue wouldn’t be an “away kit” but it would mean four successive European away games in which our outfield players have worn four totally different colours of shirt, shorts and socks.

    Now that’s a record almost as catchy as First British Club To Reach The Final of a Uefa Club Competition Because While A London Select XI and Birmingham City Reached European Finals Before Rangers Those Were In The Inter-City Fairs Cup Which Didn’t Come Under the Auspices of Uefa Until 1971 When it Changed Its Name To The UEFA Cup.

    And if we’ve heard that stat once …

  2. rangers played a european tie in austria[bjorkland was no 6] wearing a red top.When? Strip only worn once

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