1 thought on “Mind the gap – dealing with sponsorship changes for Europe

  1. Delighted to see the Gers in such company … although we had to completely remove our betting company logo while Milan and Bayern actually worked around their restrictions.

    It had never even registered with me (sorry – not a pun on “registered” company. Rangers fans have a “limited” tolerance for corporate jibes these days) that the Opel flash was coming and going on these kits … even when Bayern left the space blank. That’s as much testimony to the ubiquity of that sponsor’s logo – I just see the flash whenever I see “Opel” in that font – and the kit design as it is to do with my myopia.

    Just as I would never have thought about the possibility of Rangers leaving that sash (not The sash, the one my father wore [he never wore one]) with a space on it on Thursday … just because they didn’t.

    I would surely have noted the difference, however, in those Bayern socks. Mainly coz the sponsorship-addled ones are so much cooler.

    Individual countries are quite right to have advertising regulations re booze and gambling. But what a nerve from UEFA, trying to pretend they’re about anything other than as much dough as possible from wherever they can get it.

    Well done the clubs and the kit designers for making it look so good – and still making us see only the club – no matter the density of logos on their kit.

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