Premier League kit-tracker – Gameweek 7

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Saturday, September 29

West Ham United 3 Manchester United 1


Arsenal 2 Watford 0


Seeing Watford in their home kit while on the road is always a pleasant surprise.

It’ll take a while not to expect them to be turning out in green for no reason after the choices of last season, but maybe a conscious choice will be made going forward.

Everton 3 Fulham 0


Quite remarkably, Fulham came up with yet another combination for their trip to Goodison, one which at least stuck to tradition.

The change black socks (last season’s away set) were sensibly employed, but it’ll be interesting how many different outfits appear between now and May. We are up to five so far.

Huddersfield Town 0 Tottenham Hotspur 2


It appears that Spurs are taking a bit of a shine to their third kit and with his continuing to get positive results, we might have to get used to it.

Manchester City 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 0


Brighton’s green away strip will probably be utilised quite a bit this season, but it’ll be interesting to see how often it is used in its entirety.

The black socks were eschewed so as not to create a clash with City back in navy. That both teams were in white shorts has long ceased to be an issue in the top flight, annoyingly.

Newcastle United 0 Leicester City 2


Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Southampton 0


Despite making a point of having alternative shorts (and shirts!) in their home colours, Southampton persisted with black shorts at similarly attired Wolves.

Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1


Sunday, September 30

Cardiff City 1 Burnley 2


Burnley had little reason to wear all white at Cardiff now they’ve binned the sky blue shorts and socks from their home outfit. One can only presume it was due another airing.

Monday, October 1

Bournemouth 2 Crystal Palace 1


Palace in their classic retro strip always looks right. It’d be interesting to see how many it sells in comparison to their other shirts.


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