5 thoughts on “A history of Sampdoria’s ‘Baciccia’ crest

  1. This is an excellent article. Perhaps you can help me with something. The Kappa shirt from 1989/90 and the ASICS iteration worn in 1990/91 are ostensibly the same shirt. I’ve seen on eBay the Kappa version with ASICS branding sewn over the Kappa insignia. I’m wondering whether they were indeed the same shirt and that Kappa produced them under license on behalf of ASICS. Could something like this have happened do you think?

  2. Loved it – thanks for devoting so many words to my favorite, and slightly unheralded, perhaps, team.

  3. Great article and such an iconic shirt. I have a Home shirt from the year 2000 with the Dreamcast sponsor. The Baciccia has 2000 within it as described above but on the back it also has ‘Teatro Carlo Felice’ printed. Does anyone know the origins of this?

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