Swindon mixing and matching to good effect

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Swindon Town don’t have an official third kit this season, with an all-black away strip to go with the all-red home.

If no ‘change’ elements are introduced to the mix, it means a total of eight kit permutations and already they have reached five.

In their opening league away away to Lincoln City (red/white stripes, black shorts, red/white socks), the home shorts were used with the away shirt and socks.

Then in September, away to Morecambe (red, black, black) they went with the inverse – though it caused an overall clash, forcing the home side to change. This look was also seen at Exeter City in October.

And today, December 15, the trip to Grimsby Town (black/white stripes, black shorts, red socks), the away socks were used with the home shirts and shorts.

Unfortunately, no other League 2 opponent has a kit that is likey to cause another Swindon mashup, and they’re out of the FA Cup and unlikely to meet TV cartoon side The Hurricanes.

Red shirts with black shorts and socks was the home kit between 1972 and 1974, but if that’s to happen it’ll have to be by choice rather than necessity. Maybe if results get really bad, they might feel the need to engineer a change in fortune by mixing up the kit? We can but hope.

1 comment on “Swindon mixing and matching to good effect

  1. Tony Wright

    total coincidence but i was showing my friend a pro-evo custom team i made the other day with a kit based on the hurricanes,

    glad im not the only one who watched that show lol


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