Bundesliga Classics – Bayern Munich, 1990-91

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This kit is rather unusual in that one might think it was worn more than it actually was, though we were under the false impression that it had only one outing when it was actually used more than that.

When Bayern collected the Bundesliga shield at the end of 1989-90, they wore this kit, meaning that the pictures featured in the British media more than other games would.

It’s not unknown for a special one-off kit for the title celebrations – Hamburg did it in 1983, with a design which would be resurrected for last season’s relegation campaign.

However, thanks to Georg Mooshofer’s fine Bayern matchworn site, we know it featured in nine games – three in the second half of the successful 1989-90 season and then six in 1990-91 – three league games and three friendlies.

Interestingly, when Stefan Effenberg signed for Bayern in the summer of 1990, he posed in this shirt, seemingly indicating that it was earmarked for further use (picture from the programme for Cork City v Bayern in the 1991-92 Uefa Cup):

The design would of course come to prominence at the 1990 World Cup, used by Cameroon, while Olympique Marseille also used a style like this, albeit without contrasting panels on the inner arm. In addition, one of the games in which Bayern wore it was against Bayer Leverkusen, who wore what was effectively the opposite, white with red.

Presumably, as was often the case in the 1980s, Bayern were the guinea-pigs for adidas to trial a design before bringing it to a wider audience.

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