Champions League last-16 kits, March 12 and 13

The last four Champions League quarter-final spots will be decided this week and our man in Uefa headquarters (chief operator in the
Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue) has been in touch with news of what the teams will be wearing.

Tuesday, March 12

Juventus v Atlético Madrid

Juve wore their dark change kit in the first leg in Spain and Atlético have returned the favour, though neither was essential, given that Los Colchoneros’ home shirt has a near-solid red back.

Manchester City v Schalke 04

The first leg saw home shirt against home shirt, with City’s change options not providing enough differentiation from Schalke’s blue.

Perhaps as a punishment, City will again wear their alternative white home socks.

Wednesday, March 13

Barcelona v Lyon

Another tie where the away team will have changed in each case, despite there being no need to do so.

Bayern Munich v Liverpool

Nice and straightforward – oddly, Uefa’s documentation shows Liverpool’s third kit as more white than grey and it makes for a nicer kit.

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  1. Jon

    Also interesting to see Atlético Madrid wearing mismatched home alternate socks against Juventus, because apparently UEFA felt the very light blue gradation on the top of the regular socks would clash with Juve’s white socks. Pedantry at its finest. The blue shorts were an alternative pair too.


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