5 thoughts on “One-offs – Crystal Palace, 1990

  1. **Spotters badge alert**
    It’s the adidas trim on the shorts, which had black stripes inbetween the red,rather that just a black outline of the red stripes (with white inbetween) as found on the regular shorts

  2. I could have a second spotters badge alert Denis…….. the style of numbering on the back of the Man Utd shirts, which came into regular use on Adidas kits in the First Division for the 90/91 season, which were an outlined block font with a diagonal three-stripe trim on the top corner. Ironically the number style on Palace’s shirts was the same but without any of the Adidas branding, obviously.

    During the 89/90 season Man Utd’s shirts had used different numbering, a more classic style not too dissimilar to one that Umbro had on many of their shirts.

  3. Right as always, Jon – a step ahead of me in fact!

    The stripe tape used on the United shorts was the same as that which had appeared on the black shorts for the previous two seasons – not sure if this was a mistake or not? The opposite – black shorts, red stripes with white in between, were used as home alternatives for 1990-92

  4. Yes I remember noticing the shorts at the time, even back then I was a bit of a football kit aficionado, and was like “the Man U shorts look a bit different”. For a while they interchanged the shorts and socks between the home and away kits, until their 1990 away kit was a radical departure, in blue, with a design recently resurrected on away kits.

    Indeed on the subject of Palace I remember that yellow kit they wore in pre-season and saw a picture of it in either Match or Shoot!, and then wondered how come when they played at Aston Villa later that season that, for some reason, they opted to wear all-red! Was quite a curiosity as to why Palace decided on having change kits in the same colour as the home in 90/91.

  5. I always thought, even in 1990, that there was a Borussia Dortmund link. Our supporters club was ‘twinned’ with theirs at the time.

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