New York’s new jerseys create more possibilities

I think you’ve got several options. They’re all terrible…but you have them.”

Chris Traeger, Parks And Recreation

On Thursday night, NFL team the New York Jets launched a new set of uniforms, effectively the team’s first full redesign in two decades.

Of note are a switch to a lighter green and the introduction of a black alternate for the first time, while that colour also appears as trim on the main two uniforms.

At the launch, players wore the default home, away and alternate uniforms as well as green jerseys/pants and white jerseys/pants (the default away for so long, with green pants not added until 2002).

We’re not really qualified to say how good or bad they are – instead, we’ll point you to this Sports Illustrated review by Paul Lukas, the owner of the excellent Uni Watch site. The addition of the ‘New York’ script above the numbers doesn’t seem to be popular – perhaps on the home this could have been ‘Jets’, reflecting the baseball practice where the home jersey has the team name and the away one the city name?

However, one thing which struck us was the increase in the number of possible combinations they can wear. While the removal of white socks – trimmed with green – from the road outfit is a pity, the addition of black to the palette means they have a total of 18 permutations, including the five above.

While the third jerseys can only be worn a maximum of three times, teams can use whichever pants and socks they want. So, while it’s unlikely, you could have these looks with the green jerseys (the white pants/black socks is probably the only one with a chance of appearing):

There may be a greater probability of black appearing with the road uniform. We’d like either of the green/black mixes.

And they could also mix things up with the black jersey. The only one of these that doesn’t appeal to use is the green pants/socks look.

Wishful thinking on our part? Perhaps, but if any of these do come to pass, remember where you heard it first.

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  1. Tony Wright

    Well I can’t think of a better time to launch a new kit/uniform than the day before your home stadium hosts Wrestlemania

    Wonder if the Giants have anything planned


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