Season in kits – Tottenham Hotspur, 2004-05

Recently, we looked at the pleasing interchangeability of Everton in the 2004-05 season and they were rivalled in that regard by Tottenham Hotspur.

One could argue that, in one sense, Spurs did better as all of their strips were of the same style – a trope we really like, as with Lazio in 1982-83 – but they fell short of Everton in terms of the number of combinations used.

As a set, their three kits worked wonderfully. Produced by Kappa, the home kit was a minimalist classic Spurs look, with the change strip a straight reversal and an all-yellow third.

With no all-blue team in the Premier League that season, and no Europe for Spurs, we didn’t see them in all-white, but white-navy-navy was worn at Everton and white-white-navy at Chelsea.

As Sunderland weren’t in the top flight, we missed the possibility of navy-white-white on the road, but they did play in all-navy at Bolton Wanderers.

The third kit saw a good deal of use as Spurs played Newcastle and West Bromwich Albion away from home in the FA Cup as well as the league (it was also worn at Oldham Athletic in the league cup, when white-white-blue would have sufficed). It was always worn in default format, though it might have been nice to see yellow-navy-yellow.

Topping things off were the two goalkeeper kits, which were of the same construction as the outfield strips. With this being before the rule demanding that opposing goalkeepers wore different colours, Spurs were able to survive with two outfits for their custodians, bright blue (almost identical to the away kit the club would use in 2003-04) and a muted green.

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  1. Antony Wright

    Napoli have had a similar set of plain kappa kits this last few years, I’m not sure if they have interchanged them at all but in theory they could have


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