Premier League kit-tracker, Gameweek 2

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It took until the 20th game of the Premier League season for a mashup to be worn, with Manchester United in white socks at Wolverhampton Wanderers on Monday night.

They receive a good mark in Matt Smith’s Away Kit Table – see below for the rest of his markings.


MS: We all know that shorts clashes are rarely a thing in the Premier League these days, but it’s a shame a mash-up wasn’t preferred by Palace at Sheffield United. Their third choice white away shorts with blue trim would have worked perfectly, so it’s only a point for them.

Liverpool needed an alternative teal green pair to match with their third kit at St Mary’s, because we had another black shorts clash there too. Burnley’s decision to debut their third kit when they have a perfectly serviceable sky blue away kit was rewarded with a deserved loss at Arsenal. Clarets fans of an older vintage will remember the unlucky green and black strip they had in 1993-94, one which was so cursed they came up with alternative white shorts and socks to try to get points on the road. They get zero here.

Top marks to Manchester United, even if they did what they always have with the alternative white socks against teams in black. Wolves’ decision to switch colours necessitated the change, but it’s still refreshing to see United follow tradition rather than change an entire kit.


1 comment on “Premier League kit-tracker, Gameweek 2

  1. Svyt

    0 for Burnley is rude imo, dark green third makes a better contrast than sky blue vs white short and socks.


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