Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 4

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Things of note this week:

Manchester United premiered their new third kit, albeit with off-white change shorts at Southampton. We would have liked if this kit was interchangeable with the home, but United have form.

Sheffield United opted to change shirts at Chelsea but that caused a socks-clash and so they wore the home set. This game also saw a rarity in that both goalkeepers had yellow kits.

Brighton & Hove Albion’s fine all-black kit got off to a losing start at Manchester City while Watford needed last season’s green kit – with new sponsor – at Newcastle.

As usual, Tottenham changed to navy socks for the North London derby but used a bespoke alternative set rather than using the purple-trimmed away socks.


And here’s Matt Smith with his Away Kits Table:

This week’s scores:
Manchester United 3
Sheffield United 0
Aston Villa 1
Bournemouth 3
Brighton 3
Watford 0
Norwich 0
Liverpool 1
Wolves 3
Tottenham 3

If teams can’t plan their kits properly and recognise where clashes might occur, then they get nowt. That’s what happened to Watford.

If teams have a home strip that clashes very rarely, producing two change outfits will mean ridiculous choices on their travels. Norwich, nothing for you either.

Liverpool drop points for not having alternative socks for their proper away kit and thus requiring the third at Turf Moor.

Similarly, Aston Villa’s default change kit caused an overall clash at Crystal Palace, when the home shorts and socks would have worked better.

However, it’s Sheffield United who draw the most ire this week for their decision to use their away kit at Chelsea for no reason at all…and then realising they’d have to use their home socks anyway. Crazy.


2 comments on “Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 4

  1. Ryan Frost

    Weird how we’re four games in and Arsenal are still yet to wear their home (dark green) GK kit. I can understand why it wasn’t used at home against Burnley’s green third kit, but no reason why it wasn’t seen in the NLD. Supply issues? Leno hates the colour? Just seems a bit weird.


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