3 thoughts on “Dortmund’s European third kit

  1. I like the Dortmund approach. I also like the idea of having interchangeable goalkeeper and outfield shirts, much like Roma did with Kappa at one point.

    As a Southampton fan, I would love to see the following selection in use:

    Red and white;
    All red;
    All white;

    There would be no distinction between goalkeeper or outfield – the days of padded long sleeve goalie shirts are long gone! – and full interchangeability between shorts and socks.

    I reckon you could cover all eventualities with this approach – certainly in the Premiership.

    Perhaps this could be a FKF topic?

    1. Palace did this in 1990/91 I think – standard red/blue home shirt with all red and all blue change options, allowing a club colour to always be worn as the colour scheme is [almost] unique in the top 5 tiers of English football. Barca away may cause some difficulty….

  2. You’re right Stef – though the only black mark against Palace was that they wore the all-red at Villa!

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