6 thoughts on “European Championship Classics – Spain, 2016

  1. My favourite description of the away kit was that someone had “a plate of nachos covered in cheese and salsa slapped into their chest” as it was being designed!

  2. I thought it was a shame when Spain ditched the red/royal blue/black combo in the 90s so was pleased when this look came back – albeit I never realised the socks weren’t actually black!

  3. “In any case, adidas’s approach of slightly different fonts for away kits during this time period meant that, if a blue change shirt was used with the home shorts, there would have been a mismatch there.”

    What does this mean? What writing is there on the shorts?

    1. Sorry Charlie, should have been clearer – I meant the fonts for the numbers! The away sets had lines through them and were a bit smudgier

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