The Great Museum of Jerseys Football Kits Quiz no. 2

After the positive reaction to last month’s quiz, we have decided to make it a monthly occurrence!

Best of luck and let us know how you do by tweeting @museumofjerseys.


Which of these clubs is currently NOT sponsored by Emirates Airlines?

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Paris Saint-Germain carried the Emirates logo from 2006 until 2019, when they entered into a partnership with hotel chain Accor.

Which of these kits did Scotland wear in a World Cup qualifier away to Switzerland in 1957?

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To aid viewers watching on black-and-white televisions, Scotland borrowed orange shorts from their hosts.

When was the last time Liverpool won a trophy while wearing a change kit?

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Liverpool beat Arsenal while wearing gold shirts with navy shorts and socks. They have worn all-red in each of their eight European Cup/Champions League final appearances.

One of these Arsenal mashups was not worn by the Gunners - which one?

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Arsenal wore yellow shirts, white shorts and white socks away to Barcelona in 1999-2000.

Which of these is the correct Bayern Munich 2001-02 first-choice kit?

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The colours on the 2001 Bayern home shirt were described by adidas as 'Maroc' (dark red) and 'Raven' (dark grey).

France wore six kit combinations in seven games as they won the 2018 World Cup - against whom did they wear their traditional blue shirts, white shorts and red socks?

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All-navy was the only combination to appear more than once - against Belgium and Croatia in the semi-final and final respectively.

Which of these clubs has had four spells with Umbro since 1974?

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Everton's current deal with Umbro expires in the summer and they are set to join forces with Hummel.

Which of the Home Nations wore this Umbro goalkeeper kit in the 1990s?

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Argentina have worn adidas kits since 1990, apart from a spell from 1999-2001, when they appeared in strips made by which manufacturer?

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Which company produced Hull City's 1992-1993 home strip?

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Matchwinner were renowned for their experimentation in the early 1990s and took the Tigers' nickname literally. Pelada tried to follow suit the following season but came up with something more reminiscent of a leopard.

The Great Museum of Jerseys Football Kits Quiz no. 2

There must be some positives. Unfortunately, we can't think of them right now.

Hard to put a good spin on this one, sadly.

Something to build on for next time.

Looks bad, but not horrific.

On first glance it's not great, but it's not the worst either.

Not spectacular, not horrific.

High hopes but not borne out by results.

Good going but room for improvement.

No fuss but a fine outcome.

Almost perfect.

Outstanding, well done!

5 comments on “The Great Museum of Jerseys Football Kits Quiz no. 2

  1. Charlie Steele

    Genuinely surprised that I managed 10/10, but it’s a nice token of my interest in this site over the last few months

    1. Jordi

      Got 3 out of 10. There were too many british shirts in it.
      I got villa’s Hummel shirt so unless i managed to get a shirt of a club that i like


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