8 thoughts on “Football League Classics – Leeds United, 1990-92

  1. Lovelly all of them specially the away shirts and all of the non playing kits.
    What a brand is umbro and what kind of masterpieces they had

  2. Do you happen to know which (if any?) games where the blue GK jersey was worn (possibly at Forest in FA Cup)?

  3. Need to modify my half-arsed question above!

    Do you happen to know if Leeds wore the blue version of the “Top Man” GK shirt in the 1989/90 season (i.e. without the FL patches on the arms, per the 1990/91 version)?

    I know it was worn by Mervyn Day in a preseason match (Shelbourne) prior to the 1991/2 season, but thought I’d try here first before scouring 1989/90 videos and the suchlike!


    1. Been watching my LUFC season reviews on Youtube recently:

      In 1989-90 we wore a blue GK kit away at Newcastle and home to WBA. In 1990-91 we wore it at Norwich.

  4. Thanks Denis!

    I am perhaps a little too fond of Leeds m/w GK shirts, but they’re very tricky to find.

    I’m now fascinated that we have had yet another red GK shirt (as pointed out by Ben above).

    I guess if we were to wear a colour other than green, a team like Plymouth would be a good place to start? I’ll have to track down what we wore when we visited their place…

    Did I say another red shirt? Red! Crikey!

    Great article btw. 🙂

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