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  1. As always, Denis, thanks for the extra information. Much as I think of myself as a bit of a kit nerd, your research has helped give that much more detail – I have seen England games from WC86 hundreds of times, and although knowing about the airtex/teabag material, I hadn’t twigged the lack of coloured cuffs until now. I remember not liking the kit at the time, it seemed so boring compared to the yoked Admiral shirts, but now realise there was elegance in its simplicity – especially the away kit. I also thought that the yellow and black keepers’ kit was much better than the silver one, and loved it when it came out. Whenever I see any football shirt, I can almost picture a player in it – either from an iconic photo or whatever. Strangely for that yellow keepers’ kit, I can only ever picture Gary Bailey wearing it – never Shilton, even though Shilton must have worn it many more times.

  2. Great piece as always Denis. The early Umbro England kits were great, and at the time were seen as a welcome switch. The irony of it all is that the Admiral kits have attained cult status. I’d also doubt Nike having the nous to use any previous kit as an ‘inspiration’ with regard to a white/white/red combo, just them sticking to their third rate templates

  3. Bailey wore the shirt once, v Ireland at Wembley in 1985, Shilton wore it just the 19 times! Chris Woods just three, each time as a sub for Shilton.

    1. Hi Andy. As hinted at, my ‘picture a certain player in a certain shirt’ had no logic. I think it was because Bailey was pictured wearing that shirt on a Shoot! Annual around that time, and because I was at that age where you just read, re-read and re-read again anything to do with football, the image left an impression, even though others would’ve worn it many more times.

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