Fantasy Kit Friday – Nigeria 2002, Germany 2014

Two offerings today which kind of buck the usual trend in that each keeps the team with the same kitmaker but designs and or colour-schemes are altered.

First up, Nigeria:

Nigeria-2002-Nike-Fantasy-Kit-Friday-01In real life, the Nigeria kit for the 2002 World Cup was a very light shade of green – and the away was white, which was rather pointless – so this suggestion is one that makes a lot of sense, in our view.

We have used the same bright green as the one the Super Eagles wore in Russia two years ago, paired with a darker shade, appearing where the navy on the Arsenal kit was.

Probably not as eye-catching as the 2018 kit – few things could be – but it is nevertheless an improvement and it’s one that looks as if it could have been real.

The other one also has the air of authenticity, primarily because it is just a recolouring of the original strip. Earlier this week, a guest post by Daniel Gellatley examined the kits of the 2014 World Cup, which was of course won by Germany, who were in an unorthodox all-white kit (below left).

In conversation with our friend Simon Treanor, we wondered if that German strip would have looked better in a traditional format which referenced the kit worn as West Germany won the 1990 World Cup (below middle). Simon was unsure, saying that, understandably, he had become attached to the 2014 kit – proof, perhaps, of how success can alter perception. He even feared that that shirt left untouched but paired with the black away shorts wouldn’t look as nice (below right). We’ll let you judge.

Feedback is welcome, along with request for future FKFs. Comment below or send us a tweet.

2 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Nigeria 2002, Germany 2014

  1. Brandon Olson

    Simon, you were spot on in your assessment of the recolored German home strip. Replacing the shades of red with the full flag colors and swapping in the black shorts is a significant improvement and gives the feel of a classic German home kit. I think Simon’s fears were unfounded; the inclusion of black shorts help the strip feel more balanced between the red and black elements.

    1. Brandon Olson

      Sorry, Dennis! I meant to name you to start with, not Simon. Thanks for putting together the Nigeria strips as well; the bright green definitely works better when balanced against a significant amount of darker green.


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