The Great MOJ Football Kits Quiz no. 5

Welcome to another quiz! Unfortunately, we were unable to keep up the monthly rate by having one in May but hopefully we will be back on track after this.

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Bournemouth won't have the M88 logo on their shirts when football resumes after their deal with Mansion came to an end. Which Premier League club did Mansion sponsor from 2006-10?

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Tottenham are unique in that two firms - Holsten and Hewlett Packard - have each had two spells as main sponsor.

Which of these was the strip worn by France against Hungary at the 1978 World Cup?

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France had to borrow shirts from local club AC Kimberley when both they and Hungary showed up with their white change kits

When the Premier League began in 1992-93, match officials had green shirts, meaning that clubs were free to have black kits. On the opening day of 1993-94, which team became the first to wear all-black in the Premier League?

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QPR were away to Aston Villa in their first game and, unable to wear their red change kit, donned a black version. While Manchester United launched a black kit to great fanfare in the summer of 1993, it wouldn't be worn until their fourth game, with Villa also the opposition.

Which of these kit combinations was not worn by Aston Villa in 2011-12?

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Villa wore a total of nine different kit combinations in this season

Which was the first major finals in which Italy had a maker's logo on their kit?

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Italy's first tournament in Kappa saw them have the company's markings on the sleeves of their shirts.

Which of these was Spain's first-choice kit at Euro 96?

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Spain have worn adidas continuously since 1992.

Against which club were all of these mashup kits worn?

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HSV's first-choice kit of white shirts, red shorts and blue socks means that opponents often have to find alternative items.

Scotland didn't need to wear a change kit at the 1986 World Cup but, if they had, which one of these would it have been?

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Scotland began the 1980s with red as their second-choice colour, then switched to yellow in 1985 before a new white shirt was launched in 1988.

Milan have won the European Cup/Champions League seven times. In how many of those successful finals were they wearing their first-choice shirts of red and black stripes?

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Milan beat Ajax in the 1969 final. When the clubs met in the 1995 decider, both wore change kits.

In 1878, St Domingo FC of Liverpool changed their name to Everton. Which of these was the new entity's first kit?

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Everton have included salmon as a change-kit colour in recent times, but red remains absent from their palette.

The Great Museum of Jerseys Football Kits Quiz no. 5

They didn't suit you.

Hard to make a positive case for this, sadly.

There are some bright spots, but sadly overshadowed.

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Unspectacular but solid and reliable.

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