One-offs – Juventus, 2019

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The last Juventus one-off kit to appear in this series (right) was a classic – literally, as it marked the club’s 120th anniversary (click on image to read the article).

Sadly, the same couldn’t be said for this one, even if it was somehow the most Juventus-looking shirt the club wore in the elonagted 2019-20 campaign.

Having opted for halved home shirts, Juve did take to the field in stripes when they hosted Genoa on October 30, 2019 but, beyond that, the shirt was anything but traditional.

Part of a collection born of a collaboration between adidas and Palace Skateboards, the shirt’s stripes featured an attractive halftone effect and that, on its own, would have made for a nice Juve shirt in terms of respecting hertiage and being modern.

However, the logos and numbers were rendered in lime green, with a peachy shade of orange included, too – whether the game’s proximity to Halloween was a factor, we don’t know. In addition, the white areas featured a fine horizontal pinstripe and what appears to be a cloudy pattern.

To our sensibilities, it feels like too much but, given that Juve have been making a big commercial push, they won’t care about our views. The whole range appeared to be very popular and so it wouldn’t surprise if the 2020-21 campaign also brought something off-the-wall from them.

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