Kit For the Day – Germany, 2020

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In a bid to stay topical, we’ve decided to tie posts to something from the day or date in question when there’s no specific article planned.

As we write this, Germany are comfortably winning in Kiev against the Ukraine in their Nations League clash. They’re wearing the kit that was launched last November and intended to receive wider attention at Euro 2020 but best-laid plans and all that.

The kit has come in for some criticism, with the horizontal stripes too much for some, but it’s way of modern kits that there is a need to change things up with each new offering.

With Germany in the same Nations League group as Spain, the shirt has already been worn with white shorts, just as the 2018 shirt was similarly mashed up. Not so long ago, such a notion would seem strange – even allowing for the fact that all-white isn’t a completely alien look for Germany – but the 2014 World Cup win changed all that.

There was a school of thought that suggested the proliferation of single-coloured kits at that tournament was down to a Fifa edict, but Daniel Gellatley wrote a comprehensive article for this site which blew a few holes in that theory and confirmation came recently from Jürgen Rank, adidas’s senior design director (football apparel).

Jürgen was the guest on the first episode of The Football Kit Podcast, a new venture from your correspondent and Les Motherby of Hull City Kits. If you haven’t listened already, you can do so by clicking the link below – as well as that Germany kits, Jürgen talks about the new Arsenal away and Manchester United third shirts, among a variety of other things. We’re biased, but we’d definitely recommend it.

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