Kit for the Day – West Ham United 2020-21 home (alternate socks)

When West Ham United revealed their kits for the current season, we assumed that there would be the usual interchangeability present when the change kit is sky-blue with claret hoops – and that’s exactly what happened against Everton in the Carabao Cup.

Even last season, when the home strip had claret shorts and socks and the away was all-white, blue change items were common to both kits rather than the two being mixed.

However, when the Hammers went to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday and had to change socks, instead of the blue away set they had new claret socks which matched the style of the white ones.

After 20 minutes, the prospects of these change elements being fondly remembered were close to zero as West Ham trailed 3-0, but an hour and a half later an incredible comeback had seen a draw achieved.

It probably wasn’t all down to the socks, but you never know. We will be waiting to see if, when a shorts-clash arises, claret or blue alternatives are used.

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