6 thoughts on “Football League Classics – Division 1, 1990-91 (part 3)

  1. Great to get editorial to support older kits, which were launched without as much fanfare in those pre-internet days. Regarding the QPR orange kit, I’ve no idea if they wore it for that game or not, but Crystal Palace’s red and blue stripes would seem a natural place where both QPR’s home and away shirts could be called a clash. However, it’s likely that the orange actually clashes even more! Maybe QPR were just ahead of their time in having a totally pointless third kit that doesn’t solve a single problem!

  2. That is indeed correct, Simon – I was writing as if it were a preview so I didn’t want to give too much away!

  3. Speaking of Influence, QPR have recently started selling replicas of their 89/90 Influence home and away shirts in their club shop.

    1. Yes they wore a white Umbro teamwear jersey, with the alternate shorts and socks from the home kit. Apparently they couldn’t wear the fluorescent yellow kit because it “clashed with the hi-vis coats of the police”!

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