Football League Classics – Division 1, 1990-91 (part 3)

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Queens Park Rangers

While the Rs home and away kits are the same design as last season, previous sponsors KLM have departed and so now the name of manufacturers Influence adorns the chest too.

Last season’s unworn orange and black third kit is dispensed with, to be replaced with a plainer design, though it’s hard to see where it would solve any issues that the red and black change strip could not.

Sheffield United

Last season’s bright lime away shirt remains but the Blades mark their return to the top flight with a new home strip, with the inset black pinstripes giving them a unique look but at the same time referencing the designs of the late 1970s.


The Saints are in the same three kits as last season, though the white home socks – which were for a time replaced by the black third set – have been reinstalled as the first-choice option.


Another Hummel team opting to retain their three existing designs – for a third straight season, in fact – though the third shirt has a wrapover v-neck now.

Tottenham Hotspur

No change here, either. Spurs are the only Hummel side not to have a third kit, but one is unlikely to be required unless they were to meet Torquay United in one of the cups.


Bucking the Hummel trend are the Dons, albeit in an understated away. Instead of the continuous trim down the arms, their three strips now have just two larger chevrons on each side – with the Football League patches below, rather than above like Sunderland and Tottenham.

4 comments on “Football League Classics – Division 1, 1990-91 (part 3)

  1. David Breach

    Great to get editorial to support older kits, which were launched without as much fanfare in those pre-internet days. Regarding the QPR orange kit, I’ve no idea if they wore it for that game or not, but Crystal Palace’s red and blue stripes would seem a natural place where both QPR’s home and away shirts could be called a clash. However, it’s likely that the orange actually clashes even more! Maybe QPR were just ahead of their time in having a totally pointless third kit that doesn’t solve a single problem!

  2. denishurley Post author

    That is indeed correct, Simon – I was writing as if it were a preview so I didn’t want to give too much away!

  3. Simon

    Speaking of Influence, QPR have recently started selling replicas of their 89/90 Influence home and away shirts in their club shop.


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