5 thoughts on “Will things be all-white for England?

  1. UEFA are taking away all the tradition of seeing teams in their ‘proper’ kits. Chelsea play in all blue at Spurs, there are no issues there re the kit, why do UEFA see differently? It’s not as if the old issue of black and white TVs is still around. As an aside, would love to see the Scots back in their blue/white/red combo.

    1. As you have said those are the colors you expect to see in that game and not this all white kit.

  2. I can give uefa/fifa the benefit of the doubt in some games off insisting it’s an all light kit vs all dark kits on occasions (to help the officials as much as possible etc) but when say the other night it’s Germany vs France and nether team is in their traditional colour combinations then you know it’s going/gone too far…… personally I prefer Scotland in navy socks (with white shorts) but they should always have a back up red pair for sock clashes and of course only go with the red socks in England games so we have the classic navy/white/red vs white/navy/white like we always did in the 80s.

  3. seeing the germans in all white is just wrong… bit like the swedes in all yellow. UEFA overdoing it like FIFA did in Brazil 2014.. as an aside, wonder if we will ever get full kit galleries for individual teams (including mashups) – the graphics on here are sharper than any other site ive seen!

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