1 thought on “Milan 2021-22 third – a change for the better and worse

  1. Completely agree with your points … and two points for me ac Milan are 1. One off the few teams I like in all black kits compared to the many I hate in them (when it’s not an established colour for said team(s) and 2. Other then maybe Crystal Palace at a push (home= red and blue stripes plus if they go for all blue and all red change kits like they did in early 90s with an all white with Sash 4th kit in the unlikely event off meeting Barcelona or my preference is for them to use it as an special “cup” only home kit?) but that case aside for me …ac Milan are the only team who it’s ok to have 4 kits ie home= Traditional shirt with red n black stripes away= all white 3rd= all black 4th = all red (for away at juventus /black and white shirt teams)

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