5 thoughts on “1992-93 Replica World catalogue

  1. You know how you did a series of if Liverpool stayed with Adidas. I would like if you did a series of if Juventus stayed with Kappa. I always wondered what those kits would look like. I already know that they would be bangers!

  2. Brilliant retro memories … how many times have spurs had 3 outfield kits but yet all great designs at the same time! These days at least 1 off the 3 kits will suck guaranteed! Miss England with 5! Full kits (3+ 2 gk) possibly the only time in history I could go to the local sports shop and they would have BOTH goalies kits for not just England but also 3 additional teams! Making 4*2= 8 gk tops! Minimum Plus the odd one from Liverpool/London team…on top too …the doubles gk kits in my local was England yellow/blue Man U green /black(?) Arsenal blue/green and spurs yellow/navy) also two questions ……
    1. in this catalog yellow spurs gk top is listed as “home” the navy “away” but elsewhere I’ve seen it listed the opposite way?! So wondering which one was actually the 1st choice when neither clashed? And
    2. Reusch goalies gloves…… when did they stop being readily available in the uk? Are they still going? Did they go bust? Swear if they did stop with football they still continued with ski gloves/equipment for a while?

  3. Always wondered why Spurs never received one of the ‘retro’ Umbro kits, and all were more modern designs instead – does anyone know why that was?

  4. Hi Graham, all of the Tottenham kits were launched in 1991 though it’s odd that Umbro didn’t bring out one new one in 1992 so as to stagger releases

  5. That was kind of my thinking Denis – all the other teams got one new kit that season bar Spurs, who were arguably one of their biggest clients at the time

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