3 thoughts on “Monday Match of the Day – Liverpool 1 Arsenal 2 (aet), May 8, 1971

  1. Interesting article Denis. I was unaware of the clubs own agreement to both change, maybe the reason that the FA over ruled this, was to have a light vs dark kit for black and white television.

    Also, Wilson goalkeepers shirt was made by Bukta, as opposed to Umbro, but still had the same Cup Final embroidary

  2. I would guess it was down to television that only Arsenal changed. Don’t forget that MOST sets in the country were still black & white, would have made little sense in having both teams change into predominantly light coloured stripe.

  3. Bob Wilson had worn a shirt with a number 1 on the back since at least the year before – he had done so since at least the Fairs Cup final the year before, and perhaps as far back as the start of the 1969/70 season.

    Though what is interesting is that it is a serif number 1 rather than the single-stroke 1 (“I”) which had first been used by Umbro teams in the 1966 World Cup.

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