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The Mansfield Scale of Alternate Shorts Compatibility

Jay Mansfield’s blog features more than a few thought-provoking pieces on kits and we were delighted when he suggested a thorough classification of mashups The key element of a mashup… Read more »

Triangles and stripes – Umbro’s goalkeeper offerings 1991-93

Further reading: as always, The Glove Bag has been an invaluable resource, while we’ve basically taken the ball from Seb Patrick and run with it. The intention was to write… Read more »

Fantasy Kit Friday, 26-1-18 – Aston Villa/Birmingham 1987 crossover

Birmingham City fan Terry Griffin came up with an idea… @museumofjerseys #FantasyKitFriday how about a swap of these two designs from 1987 pic.twitter.com/uoCndqs2GZ — Terry Griffin (@mrhappy1875) January 5, 2018… Read more »