The Great Museum of Jerseys Football Kits Quiz no. 6

Which of these kits did Manchester United wear in the 2009 Champions League final?

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United have worn blue (1968), red (1999 and 2008) and white (2009 and 2011) in European Cup/Champions League finals

Which company manufactured Valencia's kit before they moved to Nike in 2000?

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Valencia reached the Champions League final in their last season wearing Luanvi, losing to Real Madrid while wearing their orange change kit. They also made the final in 2000-01, their first in Nike, but fell to Bayern Munich on penalties

Which of these kits was not worn by the France 'espoirs' (U21) team in the 1990s?

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In 1987, the France senior team wore a white espoirs shirt away to Iceland

How many clubs in the 2019-20 Premier League wore kit made by Umbro?

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Bournemouth, Burnley - who switched from Puma - Everton - who have now moved to Hummel - and West Ham United donned the double-diamond

Which team won a European Cup final in the 1980s while wearing this kit?

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Five of the ten winners of the competition from 1980-89 wore adidas

Which of these was Borussia Dortmund's cup kit for 2019-20?

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Dortmund used their domestic home kit as a 'third strip' in the Champions League more than once

Which was the last team to have had the adidas trefoil as a maker's logo on a kit in the Premier League?

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Arsenal and Liverpool were the only teams in the inaugural Premier League season of 1992-93 to wear adidas - in 2019-20, the German firm provided kits for six PL sides

Which of these kit combinations did Internazionale not wear in 2016-17?

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While Inter's home kit had yellow socks for the first time, they didn't appear in the Milan derby - for the 'away' game against AC Milan, white shorts and socks were worn; for the 'home' game Inter had traditional black shorts and socks with their rivals in their change kit

Celtic had two spells with CR Smith as sponsor, 1984-91 and 1993-97, but which Premier League club has had two different sponsors which have had two stints?

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Spurs were sponsored by Holsten from 1983-95 and again from 1999-200; when Holsten's first spell ended, they were replaced by Hewlett Packard, who remained as sponsors until 1999, before returning again for 2013-14

Which of these was the Argentina change kit at the 2006 World Cup?

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Argentina have worn blue change shirts in two of the World Cup finals they have appeared in (1990 and 2014)

The Great Museum of Jerseys Football Kits Quiz no. 6

They didn't suit you.

Hard to make a positive case for this, sadly.

Some bright spots, but sadly overshadowed.

Not as absolutely horrific as might first appear.

Heading in the right direction, just about.

Not great, not awful.

More good than bad.

Unspectacular but solid and reliable.

Some understated flair on show albeit with room for improvement.

So close to perfection.


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