Fantasy Kit Friday, 9-9-16

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Those of you who follow MOJ on Twitter will hopefully be aware of the #fantasykitfriday hashtag.

Basically, each Friday we re-colour a notable design in the colours of another team, creating a counter-factual history with a (hopefully) pleasing visual. One team we wanted to do was Tottenham Hotspur, and, following discussions with Spurs fan Andrew Rockall, we decided to go the whole hog and give them a mid-1980s adidas makeover.

Andrew had suggested either the France 1984 or Brighton 1985 styles, so we decided to do one for the home and one for the away:

Spurs won the UEFA Cup in 1984, and since the 1960s have played in all-white kits in European competition. Back then, sponsors’ logos had to be reduced in size, and we also took the liberty of creating a third kit/European away, taking cues from the 1982 Nottingham Forest shirt. Navy shirts were problematic as referees all wore black, but it is *Fantasy* Kit Friday.

And, just for good measure, goalkeeper kits too:

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