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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for the interesting article; I hope you don’t mind if I make a few comments:

    * The sky blue strip was also used in the 1987/88 season. It appears to have started off as the third strip however, from memory, it seemed to become the de facto second strip fairly early on in the season

    * The yellow away strip trim is navy, rather than black. Or it is on the replicas, at least!

    * In 1988/89 the yellow shirt still had the normal navy cockerel. It was changed to the coloured version for 1989/90 in line with its introduction on the new home shirt

    * I think the additional chevrons on the forearms of the long-sleeves version of the yellow shirt were not present in 1988/89 and only added from 1989/90 onwards.

    1. I have just remembered one more crest oddity!

      In 1983 Spurs introduced their new badge featuring a combination of the cockerel & ball plus lions and scroll. However, for some reason, there seemed to be at least three different iterations of this badge created with 1 version appearing on the playing strip, a slightly different version sometimes appearing in print and on various memorabilia and a very different 3rd version again appearing in print, most notably in the club handbook and match programme.

      When the 1st Hummel home shirt appeared it featured an embroidered badge that was very similar to the version used on the previous Le Coq Sportif shirts, and the same badge also featured on the sky blue and navy shirts plus the yellow away in 1988/89.

      However the home shirt also at times featured a version of the badge that was in-line with the very different design that normally only featured in the handbook and programme. This version of the shirt appeared in 1985/86 and particularly, from memory, during the second half of the 1986/87 season. On this version the badge and plus both the Hummel and Holsten logos appear to have been printed directly onto the shirt material, along with the chevron and pinstripe design, making the players shirt, at least visually, identical to many of the replicas on sale at the time.

      Here are links to a couple of images which I hope illustrates the difference versions:


  2. Hi Denis,

    I think until the Levy-era Spurs were one of the most inconsistent clubs in terms of how the club badge was portrayed across media, merchandise etc. and, on the playing shirt itself it seemed to change (to some degree at least) with almost each new kit!

    With regards to the linked picture (Sheffield Wednesday away) that’s still the first ‘Hummel cockerel’, with blue cockerel & lions and white ball, as opposed to the full colour version (white cockerel & ball, red lions and yellow scroll) which appeared the following season.

    (The first ‘Hummel cockerel’ badge featuring the white ball appeared, I think, on the sky, navy and yellow shirts as well as the first two home shirts from Hummel although the white ball itself would not be as obvious on the home shirts!).


  3. Brilliant piece, many thanks. The 1985 home shirt remains my favourite THFC top. May I add a couple of things ? At West Ham in 1986-87, Spurs wore all sky blue in both League & League Cup matches, the white-navy-navy combo WAS used at Aston Villa on the opening day. There were a couple of occasions where navy socks were used with the second & third home kits, at Charlton & West Ham in 1987-88 & 1988-89, and again at Charlton in 1989-90 when the third Hummel shirt had been introduced. The 1987 F.A. Cup Final was the second “kit fail” against Coventry that season, and they ended up borrowing Coventry’s yellow away shirts (with navy shorts/socks) in the game at Highfield Road in December 1986.

  4. In fairness Hummel has been a Danish-owned company since the 70s but I really enjoyed the article. I loved Spurs Hummel kits – there was something very crisp about them, particularly the all white kit circa 1987.

  5. During the 89-90 and 90-91 seasons, I’m sure there were two different blue goalkeeper jerseys worn by Erik. There was the one featured in your excellent article, plus a slightly lighter blue one, with a black holsten logo.

    1. Thanks Alex, I’m working on updating this to include other GK shirts so I’ll check that out!

  6. Hi Denis,

    There was also a grey goalkeepers shirt, with black collar, cuffs and chest chevron pattern in 1985/86. It featured the smaller Holsten logo and was worn in televised matches.

    I have also seen a grey mottled goalkeepers shirt, to the 1989-91 design, but whether this was ever match worn is unclear.

    Finally, from the collection of Ray Clemence, there is a red shirt to the 1985/86 design, it featured in The Spurs Shirt book, but again it is unclear as to whether this was match worn.


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