12 thoughts on “Arsenal: the adidas years, part 1

  1. Enjoyable article, Denis. I hadn’t realised that variance in the blue 90-92 keeper top. Fyi, there’s now a clip of the 89-90 blue keepers shirt in action (away at Plymouth) on YouTube.

  2. Appreciate the details and information. I am working on a post regarding the worst Arsenal stripes of the Premier League era. This is a nice summation of the kits just before that. Would love to see more of these.

    1. Yellow shirt, white shorts. Antrim kind of make it work. Brazil not so much. I recall Southampton doing it back in the Hummel/Draper days and then again in the Admiral years. Hard one to get right for sure!

  3. Hey Denis, I am on a roll today… There was recently an Arsenal reserve team sheet from either 1986-87 or 1987-88 sold on eBay. Sadly, I didn’t buy it, nor did I grab the photo from the listing before it disappeared, and I don’t even remember who they were playing, but it definitely listed the Arsenal colours as being “All yellow”. This was clearly during the first 2 years of the Adidas era. Any ideas?

  4. Did you all know that there were also red shorts from the 1990-92 seasons? With a big white stripe on the side and the 3 Adidas stripes inside the white stripe. In other words, the reverse of the home shorts. This is not an April Fool, but they were never worn by the 1st team in a competitive game. I have proof – I own a pair.

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