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Nicky MacCrimmon has been creative with requests for Fantasy Kit Friday.

This was his suggestion back in February…

…and he followed that up in the summer with another one – what if the Republic of Ireland had had a kit similar to Scotland’s 1994-96 outfit?

With the important World Cup qualifier against Denmark this Saturday and Tuesday, it seemed like a perfect time to try it.

For those who can’t recall, that Scotland kit featured a tartan pattern – and there is an official pattern called Ireland’s National (albeit registered by a man in Spring City, Pennsylvania, USA).

Opinions may be mixed on its success, but it was definitely worth trying. The decision to go with a green and white crest was based on the fact that the orange of the real one would have looked out of place.


  • If you’d prefer to see real Ireland kits, Eddie O’Mahony’s new book, 40 Shades of Green, has sold out its first print but should be in the FAI Shop soon