Fantasy Kit Friday, 29-12-17 – Hereford United 1980s Ennerre

Last week, we decided that the last FKF before Christmas should conform to a routine, namely that of featuring Cork City.

A year ago, the last edition of the year was a Simon Shakeshaft-inspired Hereford United adidas effort and so we have decided to give that a counterpoint too. If that seems like overkill for an unfashionable club which no longer exists in the same form, it’s important to remember that Shakey has forgotten more about kits than you’ll ever know, unless your name is John Devlin.

This time, Simon went for Ennerre as the producer, with their mid-80s Sampdoria kits as the basis. The home is effectively the Samp away of that time but devoid of blue and black and red picking up the slack:


The away takes its cues from the Samp home, with the famous horizontal stripes.


As always, get in touch if you have any suggestions for future FKFs – they’ll all be done, eventually!

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