14 thoughts on “Arsenal: the dark shorts chronicles

      1. I’m now having to rename “doing an Arsenal” whenever a team wears their away kit just because the shorts clash to “doing a Swansea”.

        On a related note, if the Premier League had asked Arsenal to wear red shorts for differentiation, then how come they didn’t have a word in Everton’s ear for that really awful clash of colours on Boxing Day? It was a pretty poor one to be honest, almost as bad as De Gea’s choice of kit against Southampton yesterday.

      2. oh and yes, Steve Claridge… what I refer to as a “mezzanine floor” footballer, i.e. too good for second tier (Championship) but never good enough for top tier (Premier League)… a centre-forward equivalent of Nigel Pearson.

        And still has the same hairdo as he had in 1996. Saddo.

  1. Absolutely incredible. First time in almost 40 years they’ve worn red shorts with the home shirt and only second time since 82-83 they’ve worn anything but white shorts with the classic home top? Almost reeks of integrity.

    1. Very interesting. So what kit did Arsenal wear in the League Cup replay away to Blackpool in 1977-78 the second replay at home to Blackpool again. And what kit was worn away to Swansea in 1982-83
      I did a scrapbook in those years but couldn’t always get a newspaper picture of the march

      1. I’ve asked Simon Shakeshaft for you Steven, hopefully he’ll know!

        I’d imagine the green/blue away was worn at Swansea but good question on Blackpool – I’d thought the game at Luton in 1975 was the last time before 1998 v Lens they had to find a third kit when the away was yellow.

      2. Steven, according to my records, the League Cup games were actually in the 3rd Round of 1976/77 season, and on both occasions, i have Arsenal in red shorts, but for the replay in long sleeve shirts and second replay in short sleeves. Both replays were actually at Highbury.
        For the game against Swansea in 82/83 i’ve got Arsenal in their home strip but missing the record of what sleeve length was worn, which means i haven’t seen photographic evidence. The game in 82/83 was November and both games either side of it the team wore long sleeves so….. one thing you can never do in this game is assume anything!
        Its worth noting that yellow away was worn there in league in 81/82 and i believe in the 80/81 League Cup 2nd Rd 1st Leg. Does you scrapbook agree with this info? And if this is correct, then i’m going to have to seriously revisit this because Denis is probably correct with his green/navy away kit being worn…..

      3. Hi. I have highlights if the Swansea game on an old vhs video tape. I’ll check it but am sure it was the green and blue kit we wore in that match.

  2. In 1991 I seem to remember we changed our shorts away to Sunderland. Did we were our away yellow shirt with home white shorts or is my mind and years of alcohol abuse playing tricks om me?

      1. Arsenal would often wear the white home shorts with the away shirts when playing teams in dark shorts, such as Sunderland or Southampton. It was only from 91/92 when they had my favourite Arsenal away kit (*cough*) – the bruised banana, that they had bespoke alternative shorts, in yellow.

  3. I notice that the use of red shorts has been with red shirts and red socks every time – apart from vs Qarabag a few years ago when they wore white socks

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