Chelsea magazine feature on new kit, 2001

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This is the 2001-03 Chelsea home strip.


Not bad, I’m sure you’ll agree, but maybe a bit too bland? If I recall correctly, in True Colours, John Devlin – who sees the positives in every kit – used the word ‘workmanlike’, which could be taken to mean boring.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that per se – I’d certainly take plain over too busy.

It’s interesting to contrast that view with that of the official Chelsea magazine from May 2001.

I don’t support Chelsea but back in 2001 coverage of kits was nowhere near as common as it is now. As someone who fancied himself as a budding kit designer, any such literature had to be devoured.

Here is the five-page spread on how the kit was conceptualised, hopefully you can read the text.


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