3 thoughts on “World Cup Classics no. 1 – Sweden away, 1994

  1. I’ve only seen the 1958 World Cup Final in black and white but, have to say, my favourite Sweden-Brazil clash, for the kits, is Mar del Plata in 1978.

    The game’s more renowned for Clive Thomas’s uber-pedantic, attention-seeking, policy-changing disallowing of a late Brazil winner. But both sides in long-sleeved Adidas and Sweden looking a bit like Brazil 1958 in their blue shirts … lovely.

  2. … also – another slight tangent – Romania v Colombia at USA 1994 has to be the most straight-out glaringly colourful collision of strips I’d ever seen … until Cameroon played Croatia at Brazil 2014.

  3. I remember being told by a Swedish friend back in 2002 that the white away shirt got vetoed by FIFA because the design had yellow “raglan” sleeves, and thus wasn’t easy to distinguish from other teams’ shirts that were predominantly yellow.


    Add to that FIFA’s pedantic dark/light rule, and this shirt never got worn in a competitive game (for me to know of anyway), though the away shorts did of course get an airing in Sweden’s opening World Cup match against Engl*nd.

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