2 thoughts on “Barcelona’s constant 1980s change kit style

  1. I had no idea they’d worn white shirts. Having now seen the pics of them at Portman Road and Villa Park, it was a beautiful combo with the home shorts and socks.

    And the Yellow shirt with sash was a pleasant blast from the past. I do remember that one – especially from the Super Cup final at Villa Park. For some reason I always found this more appealing than the blue shirt they wore at Seville in 86 and Bern in 89.

    It’s not “easier on the eye” – glaring yellow with blue and grenadine liberally splashed about – but it holds its own better because it seems like a more “honest” away strip. The blue top too closely resembled the home strip. It looked as if someone had merely removed the grenadine stripes, diluting a classic rather than striking out on its own.

    (And poor Samp! Three European finals but the only one they win is the only one in which they were allowed to wear their home strip, v Anderlecht in the 1990 CWC final)

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