7 thoughts on “Season in kits – Rochdale, 2017-18

  1. Chelsea also managed 10 in 1965/66 including 6 different shirts. Arguably also 10 in 1963/64 if you count pre-season friendlies and the addition of a badge (sounds of barrel being scraped…)

  2. Blue with white ringed collar, changing to solid blue later in the season. Away kits were yellow, red and white and the one off ‘Inter’ special for the FA Cup semi final.

  3. QPR in the 76/77 season had six different shirts, and would probably add up to ten kit combinations if you count use of alternative shorts/socks.

    They had four different variations of the hoops made by Adidas: _
    1st version – narrow hoops
    2nd version – more “traditional” hoops with a blue collar
    3rd version – same as the 2nd, but with a white collar
    4th version – same as 2nd/3rd, but with a blue and white collar

    They retained the “Feyenoord” style away kit from the previous season made by Umbro, but paired them with Adidas shorts and socks. They also wore a white third jersey (also made by Umbro) which had a blue, white and red collar, paired with blue shorts and red socks made by Adidas.

    1. Would you believe, I wrote about the Feyenoord reversal in the new issue of When Saturday Comes, and mentioned the various home styles too!

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