7 thoughts on “1990 World Cup kit-tracker – Group C

  1. About that Costa Rica Away kit, it was chosen to be an homage to Juventus, but actually it was also chosen by the Costa Rica Football Federation as an homage to Club Sport La Libertad (who wore black and white stripes), which was then the oldest Costa Rican club (which was 100 year old at the time, eestablished in 1905), which declared bankrupt in the previous months before the 1990 World Cup.

  2. I remember watching the Brazil v Sweden match and the commentator on BBC at half time saying Taffarel had been asked to change kit because his blue strip in the first half clashed with Sweden’s away kit.

    Also Denis by the way I noticed you put the referee in black for the Brazil v Scotland match, the referee actually wore red.

  3. Thanks Simon and Jon, hadn’t been aware, will fix.

    Not sure how I made the red ref mistake, just a clerical error as it is drawn, short sleeves rather than the long in the Scotland-Sweden game.

  4. I love the Costa Rica away, in both idea, and approach. More national teams should try to have stripes, even in home kits. So many tricolours just seem odd and improvised

  5. Scotland’s away goalkeeper kit had a red base. Can only assume Jim Leighton had to switch to the home kit with yellow base to avoid clash with Costa Rica red shirts. Strange that he continued to wear it when there was a clash with yellow and blue of Sweden and Brazil. I suppose it may have been down to the individual referees for each game.

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