3 thoughts on “1990 World Cup kit-tracker – Group B

  1. Is it wrong that I’m more fascinated by the goalkeeping changes in this group – totally forgot Dasaev crashed and burned at Italia 90 – than the seminal political changes reflected in the non crests and missing “CCCCCCCP”?

    Cameroon v Romania was always a contender for most colourful kit meeting ever (as was Cameroon v Colombia later) but i’d no idea the goalies contributed to the spectrum so brilliantly … or that Romania had only added the third colour for these finals.

  2. Your Argentina kits really detailed, bonus the keeper illustration, may i know what the media you worked on the graphic. I’m really fascinated the Argentina keeper kits against Cameroon. Just for your info, I’m already have the completed Argentina all kits historic from the team innagural back in 1900.

  3. I miss that time when goalkeepers wore multiple colors. From now on, they are almost all with a jersey, shorts and socks of one and the same color… By the way, when I played as a goalkeeper (in amateur football, obviously), I hated wearing only one color, I preferred to test combinations like black-white-black, white-red-red, burgundy -blue-blue etc…

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