3 thoughts on “Triangles and stripes – Umbro’s goalkeeper offerings 1991-93

  1. I have a retail version of the green ‘Premier’ with number 1 pre-printed. On my shirt the middle stripe isn’t centered.

    There was also the all black jersey that Neville Southall used for Everton and Wales. I beleive that it was the same style as the ‘Premier’ and that Southall also had a version of it that was kind of a mix between green and grey.

  2. Also having done a bit more “Google-ing”, it seems as if the “Premier” jersey was actually called “GK Americana” in the 1993 UK Umbro catalogue…


    Also another recollection………. Paul Gerrard of Oldham also often favoured the purple jersey, and strangely was allowed to get away with wearing it at Aston Villa towards the end of the 92/93 season.

  3. Kevin Hitchcock and Dave Beasant wore both the turquoise and purple triangles shirts and later in the 91-92 season Beasant adopted the yellow version. The following season Hitchcock, Beasant and Dmitri Kharine all wore the yellow and purple striped shirts (although the purple triangles shirt was used at the start of the season). The green striped version was used in some reserve team games.

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