Fantasy Kit Friday – Brazil winning the World Cup in adidas

Brazil have actually worn adidas in the past – at the 1978 World Cup for instance, or at the Olympic Games of 1984 and 1988 (the latter with green shorts), but, given that they have been with Nike since 1997, it’s hard to imagine the three stripes combining with the famous yellow, green, blue and white.

Which is exactly why #fantasykitfriday exists, and we thought it’d be fun to reimagine their last two World Cup wins through an adidas prism.

Obviously, the go-to style for 1994 was the design with the three stripes emanating from the ribs, worn by fellow semi-finalists Sweden and Bulgaria as well as Romania and Norway to.


Eight years later, dual layers were all the rage, with both Nike and adidas simultaneously coming up with this new improvement in breathability (which doesn’t really exist nowadays, suggesting that – just maybe – it was a fad).

The adidas kits were all of a similar style and a Brazil shirt is basically the same as that worn by South Africa. The Bafana Bafana kit isn’t remembered with any great fondness, but if Ronaldo had been wearing this as he inspired Brazil to glory, would it be held in high esteem?


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