Midweek Mashup – Everton, 1969-70

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Opener for ten – what kit-distinction does Everton’s 1970 title win hold?

If you don’t want the know the answer, look away now:

It was of course the last season that the English champions didn’t have a crest on their shirts, with the Toffees’ tops not receiving the ‘EFC’ monogram until 1972, Rupert’s Tower first appearing six years after that.

The away was the classic amber tone that the club don’t tend to use that much anymore, while a notable element to the home jersey was that the cuffs and the neck were mismatching.

That same 1969-70 season was the first one in which the Football League mandated that competing sides had to wear different-coloured socks to each other. However, rather than recalling recalling the white-topped blue set which had been supplanted by white in 1967, they used the away socks when required away to the likes of Leeds United, Tottenham Hotspur and Stoke City.


We’d love to say that it was a tribute to the Chile flag of 1812-14 but we’d imagine that practicality was the main reason for this look.

For 1971-72, Everton wore an amber and green away kit before blue was restored as the secondary colour shades of yellow/gold were used up until 1982.

Nowadays, they seem to have settled into a pattern of having one white/grey change kit each season and one dark, with the 2016-17 third the only yellow shirt seen over the past four years.

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