6 thoughts on “Good kit, bad results – Heart of Midlothian’s double dreams are dashed, 1986

  1. Always liked that Hearts kit – the old silver-for-runners-up top.

    Worth noting, Alan Rough, that Aberdeen also pumped Hibs 3-0 in that season’s League Cup final.

  2. Always loved scottish and english designs of that era.
    Aberdeen red Adidas is one of the germán brand masterpieces of the time but this hearts away is really nice and I think its quite new for us in spain

  3. Despite the legacy of the two games in 1986 this kit is still deemed as a ‘classic’ with most fans.
    First introduced back in 1983 the kit saw ALEXANDERS, RENAULT then MITA (copiers) as shirt sponsors over the next three years.l

  4. TV pundits rarely commented on kits. However when Hearts were shown losing the league in Saint and Greavesie in England the following week, Jimmy Greaves made a special mention of how much he loved the Hearts strip!

  5. Somewhat ironic about Alan Rough, given that he never won an Edinburgh derby

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